• These are the two most feared treatments and the two with the most exaggerated stories attached to them.
  • We often hear “my friend says root canal hurts” or “my last dentist had his knee on my chest trying to take a tooth out”. We can assure you that these will be extremely dramatized versions of what really happened.
  • Dentistry has come a long way and these types of treatments are performed several times a day. They are no longer something to be afraid of.

Root Canal Treatment

  • Root Canal Treatment (Root Filling)- This is a very long and precise treatment.
  • It includes removing the dead nerve from the root of the tooth, disinfecting the nerve canal, filling the canal and sealing it over so that no bacteria can re-enter the canal. It requires specialist equipment and several x-rays.
  • There are many rumours about this being a painful procedure but it rarely is.


  • Extractions are performed under Local Anaesthetic and are required when there is nothing more that can be done for the tooth.
  • How easy an extraction is depends on the patient. Each patient is different. Some teeth have short roots, others have long. Some have straight roots, and some have curved. Also, the condition the tooth is in plays a factor in how easy the extraction is. If the tooth is quite broken down and has a lot of decay, then the tooth is likely to break. This will mean extra time will be taken to remove the leftover tooth.
  • Most extractions are quick and pain free.
  • Always make sure you eat before an extraction!