Fillings come in different materials and we use different materials depending on the circumstances and condition of the tooth


  • Composite fillings (known as white fillings) are the most popular choice of filling material.
  • They are tooth coloured and are used mostly for the front teeth but can also be used in back teeth.
  • They are bonded to the teeth and can look very natural.
  • They are however very moisture sensitive and cannot be used if the tooth and mouth can’t be kept dry.


  • Amalgam fillings (known as black or silver fillings) are used mostly in molar teeth.
  • It is hard wearing and can last years.
  • The downside to them is that they aren’t tooth coloured and they aren’t bonded to the tooth.
  • They also contain mercury, meaning that they cannot be used or adjusted during pregnancy

Glass Ionomer

  • These are another type of filling available but not usually used as a permanent filling.
  • They are more commonly used for repairing failing fillings and children’s fillings.
  • They are normally white/ tooth coloured and stick to the teeth.
  • They can contain fluoride making them useful for people more at risk of decay.