We provide whitening treatment which involves having trays made to fit your mouth and bleach to take home. With our advice and guidance you can then bleach as little or as often as you like and gradually you will notice a difference.

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Everyone wants a bright smile and if you are happy with your smile, you will ooze confidence.

Over the years, teeth gradually become darker and life can take it’s toll on the colour of your teeth. Foods and drinks such as tea, coffee, curry, red wine etc will all stain your teeth and leave your teeth looking slightly yellow or brown. Tooth whitening can reverse this and leave you with a lovely white smile. And the best thing about it is that you are in control. When you feel your teeth are white enough, you can stop using it and simply to it up as and when you feel like it.

As long as you look after your trays you can whiten your teeth as often or as little as you like. If you have a big event coming up such as a wedding or a holiday; just get your kit out and start to brighten your smile.

The best thing about our tooth whitening is that it is safe and the effects of the whitening can last years.

If you are considering whitening your teeth, the first thing you need to do is book a consultation with your dentist.

During the consultation, your dentist will check to ensure that your mouth is generally healthy and take note of the shade of your teeth. The dentist then checks to see if you are a suitable candidate for tooth whitening.

*Note* If you have fillings or crowns, remember that they won’t change shade. Bleaching only works on your natural tooth. If you have restorations; you may need to change them in the future to match the new shade of your teeth.

The cost of tooth whitening is £250.

This includes:

  • The consultation with your dentist.
  • Impressions to make your bleaching trays.
  • A bespoke whitening kit, designed to fit your teeth perfectly and a starter kit of bleach.
  • Guidance on how to use the whitening kit.

Yes, tooth whitening kits provided by your dentist are completely safe.

Because the kits have been made to fit your mouth only and the bleaching process has been overseen by your dentist you can guarantee that your treatment is safe and legal.

Tooth whitening is safe and doesn’t hurt. Some people may experience some sensitivity whilst whitening but this can be treated by simply using sensitive toothpaste. If you do get sensitive teeth during whitening don’t panic, the sensitivity will only be present during whitening, when you stop using it; your sensitivity will stop too.


Veneers are a thin porcelain that covers the front of a tooth. Minimal alteration is performed to the tooth underneath it.

Veneers are used to provide you with a custom made smile. If you feel that your smile is uneven, if you have gaps or if you have chipped teeth that just won’t hold a filling; then a veneer could be the answer. They are far less damaging than crowns and help make your teeth a more uniformed and matching shape. They can be made to match the shade of your natural teeth or if you are whitening your teeth they will be made to match your teeth once you have reached your desired shade. Because they are made from porcelain, they won’t stain like your natural teeth do.

If you have your veneers at Murray Street Dental Practice, you can have your teeth prepared and walk away with your new smile in just one visit. No gunky impressions or unsightly temporary veneers required thanks to our Cerec Machine.

Everybody is different but as long as you care for your veneers and visit your dentist regularly then your veneers could last between 10 and 20 years (although we have some patients who have had theirs even longer than that!)  Just treat them like your own teeth, brush a minimum of twice a day and clean inter-dentally using floss or brushes and be careful with them (e.g avoid using them to open packages/ bottles or to cut sticky tape) and they will last.

Amalgam To Composite

If black fillings are making you unhappy with your smile, then this could be an option for you. We can change amalgam fillings for nice shiny white ones.

Now this treatment isn’t risk free and we do advise that if your amalgam filling is functioning and doesn’t give you trouble, to leave alone. However, if your filling needs to be changed then we can easily change it to a nice, shiny white filling…in fact we prefer to use composite fillings.

What our patients have to say….

I have been a patient at Murray Street Dental for many years now. All staff are extremely friendly whilst also professional. I often need to be fitted in as an …emergency and the reception team have never failed me.

I have several issues with my dental health and have the utmost faith in my dentist. He is consistently reassuring and treats me holistically and not just as a set of teeth. I feel that I am consulted and advised appropriately and helped to understand causes and treatments. The staff at Murray Street still undergo training and are fully au fait with up to date practices and theories.

I see a hygienist regularly and am most impressed by the service I receive.

I have no qualms at all in highly recommending Murray Street Dental Practice.

Having been a patient at Murray Street Dental practice for close on to 10 years, I can honestly say that the staff and doctors make it as stress free as any visit to a dentist can be. Whether its for treatment, inspection or a visit to the hygienist the level of care is second to none.
What also makes this a special practice is the friendly atmosphere and the fact that your on first name terms with your dentist and dental nurse which helps people feel at ease.

If anyone is looking for a good dental practice with a high level of professional care, I don’t think they need look any further than here.

After realising that my toddler was missing teeth I went into a blind panic terrified that she may have ‘imperfections’ and it must definitely have been my fault! Every parent wants their child to be ‘perfect’. After ringing Murray Street Dental Practice in floods of tears they managed to give me a cancelled appointment that very afternoon for her.

When I arrived at the practice registering her was easy and all the staff were really welcoming, despite me having a very anxious and busy bee of a toddler! I then got to see the dentist, he instantly put my mind at ease. The dental nurse was interacting with my little girl the whole time while the dentist talked me through any concerns I had.

I was wondering before which dentist I should have chosen for my daughter’s oral health and now I have no doubts at all that I made the right decision with Murray Street Dental Practice

Friendly, professional and a high level of care.

Marvellous dentists would recommend to anyone very friendly staff pleasure to go ,especially when no treatment needed!

Been going to this dentist since I had my first tooth great dentist friendly staff relaxed atmosphere would never go anywhere else love going to the dentist

Excellent team at Murray Street! Always have the best advice and treatment. Also manage to have a friendly chat-bet not many dental surgeries offer that!

Excellent dentist surgery everyone is so friendly. My kids love coming for some friendly banter with the dentist!

Always very friendly and helpful. My son looks forward to all appointments