Crowns (sometimes known as caps) are porcelain or metal coverings that are cemented over a tooth that is no longer able to hold a filling.

The tooth underneath a crown has to be drastically resized and shaped, so it is not really a cosmetic procedure and should only be done if the tooth underneath requires the extra support that a crown will give.

There are several different types of crowns:

  • Porcelain
  • Metal Alloy and Non-Metal Alloy
  • Gold

Before And After


Bridges are used when you wish to fill up a gap left by a tooth that has been removed and dentures are not an option.

A bridge is a porcelain tooth which is held on by either a crown or a wing.

Bridges that are held on by a wing are the least damaging to the adjacent teeth as they are just cemented to the back of the teeth.

Bridges held on by a crown are more damaging as you have to prepare the adjacent tooth for a crown which means reducing its size.

One Visit Dentistry

We have recently invested in a Cerec machine and furnace which enables us to make permanent crowns and bridges here at the practice.

It works by using a camera which scans your teeth and by using a specially designed computer we can create a crown or bridge which will accurately and comfortably fit in your mouth. The crowns are made in a milling machine here at the practice and the furnace enables us to place glazing onto the crowns to make them look as natural as possible. Your teeth will be prepared, and your restoration fitted in the same appointment, so you no longer have to wait two weeks with temporary crowns before getting your permanent restoration.

Because a camera is used to get an accurate image of the shape of your teeth, we no longer need to take those gunky impressions! The procedure is a lot quicker and a lot more comfortable for you.

For more information on this procedure please contact the practice to book an appointment.

For more information on Cerec restorations; please watch this short video.