Hygienist Services

We strongly recommend regular visits to see a hygienist.
Hygienists are specifically trained in interdental cleaning and maintaining the health of the gums.
Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss, so it is really important to keep your gums healthy.

At your appointment the hygienist will:
Use a variety of scalers to remove the plaque around your teeth and underneath your gums.
Discuss different methods, techniques and products available to keep your gums healthy.
Polish your teeth
Hygienists can provide you with expert knowledge on maintaining good oral hygiene.

Dianne Wesley
Dianne WesleyHygienist
GDC- 3477
Odette Williams
Odette WilliamsHygienist
GDC- 5446
Anne Phillips
Anne PhillipsHygienist
GDC- 156591